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  Career Resources
This section provides online resources for job searches and career development. I have focused on web sites that are specific for bioscience careers, including traditional academic careers and positions in the biotechnology and biopharmaceutical industires. The online career information is scattered around in many different sites, so you may need to browse a bit to find the sites that are most useful for you. The Job Listings section specifies web sites that contain databases of positions in the life sciences, including Science, Nature and Cell.
Good Luck!
Career Information and Resources
The BioCareer Center (Biotechnology Industry Organization and SciWeb) is a resource for biotechnology careers that includes job and resume databases, career articles reprinted from sources such as CareerSource Magazine and Fast Company and a web resource directory.
Bio Online provides industry news, company profiles and job postings. The Career Center features a very useful collection of over 50 articles on Your Career in the Sciences by David G. Jensen. The topics are relevant for both academia and industry and address such issues as the job hunt, how to improve your career skills and how to be a better manager. Bio Online also hosts an active, moderated Career Forum.
Biospace provides extensive coverage of breaking news releases, company profiles and financial results and includes job listings. BioSpace focuses on "hotbed communities" in the US, Canada and the UK; the site has a special section on start-up companies.
BioView is a biopharmaceutial site that features practical career information, such as useful tips about resumes, a resume generator program and links to information about relocation. The site includes job listings and a selection of career articles culled from other sources.
A Career Planning Center For Beginning Scientists and Engineers (NAS) includes a comprehensive list of job links, an advice center and a library of articles about career trends and guidance. Free access with registration. Note: this site had not been accessible recently!
The Chronicle of Higher Education presents daily news items and a collection of articles on current issues in education and academia. The Career Network has useful articles, career development advice and job listings.
Employment Links for the Biomedical Scientist (Graeme Eisenhofer) is a comprehensive link collection that includes links for online job openings, employment resources, biotechnology resources and search firms.
HMS Beagle (BioMedNet) is an online biology webzine that covers current research news and online resources for biologists. The bi-weekly Careers column provides essays about career challenges in bioscience. Free access with registration.
NatureJobs (Nature) presents a searchable and browsable index of international positions. A selection of feature articles on careers in science are available in the Career Info section.
PhDs.Org: Science, Math, and Engineering Career Resources is full of great information for grad students, post-docs and younger students considering a career in science. The site includes information on how to choose and survive grad school, obtain internships and fellowships and find employment in the sciences. Note: this site had not been accessible recently!
Science Careers (Science magazine, AAAS) provides a jobs database and a list of career fairs and scientific meetings. The Advice and Perspectives section presents a useful collection of articles with career information previously published in Science. Free access to Science Careers with registration.
Science's Next Wave (AAAS) is a career development resource for young scientists. The Career Development Center for Postdocs and Junior Faculty provides over 70 articles that focus on professional issues in academia and grant writing information. Discussion forums are available, but are not very active. Access to additional material at Next Wave is limited to institutional and paying subscribers.
The Scientist is a bi-weekly science news journal that presents relevant articles pertaining to both traditional and alternative science careers in the Profession section of every issue. The site allows full access to archived articles.
theLabRat.com is a refreshing site with job information in the biotechnology industry. The resource includes job postings, company profiles, biotech head hunters, career advice and message boards.
Job Listings and Databases
Job Listings identifies web sites that contain databases of positions in the life sciences, including Cell, Science and Nature.
Alternative Careers
Alternative Careers in Biosciences (Yale University) features a collection of lecture notes from a seminar series on alternative careers.
Guide to Graduate Education in Science, Engineering, and Public Policy (AAAS) includes extensive information about the public policy field, a database of policy graduate programs and links to Web resources.
National Association of Science Writers (NASW) provides information on how to begin a career in science writing and how to handle the transition from scientist to science writer.
For Students
Beyond Bio 101: The Transformation of Undergraduate Biology Education (HHMI) describes aspects of undergraduate and graduate education in the biological sciences and discusses specific career paths in science.
BIOTECHNOLOGY: the Choice for your Future (Biotechnology Industry Organization) features a good general desription of the biotechnology industry with specific descriptions of the types of positions in the biotech companies.
The Career Center at Access Excellence (Genentech) provides good descriptions of different positions in biotech companies, interviews with scientists and science writers and lists of schools with biotech programs.
Careers in Science and Engineering: A Student Planning Guide to Grad School and Beyond (NAS) includes sections on evaluating possible careers in science, choosing graduate schools and tips for finding a job. The guide profiles several scientists and their different career paths.

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