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  Images and Videos
This section highlights web sites that have nice collections of images of biological interest. For images in specific research topic areas, you can check out lab home pages of specific researchers.
Cells Alive! has instructional information and fluorescent images of selected bacteria, protozoa and animal cells undergoing cellular processes.
Common Molecules Pages (Indiana University Molecular Structure Center) is a growing image collection of "simple, common, and interesting molecules," including amino acids, vitamins, medicines, and many other compounds.
Dennis Kunkel Microscopy, Inc. is an image gallery containing hundreds of micrographs of scientific, biological and medical subjects photographed with electron microscopes and colorized. The site includes images of bacteria, viruses, insects and human cells.
Endoplasmic Reticulum: Structure and Function (University of Texas Medical Branch) presents detailed descriptions and images describing protein secretion, protein sorting and the organelles involved in these processes.
FishScope (Dr. Mark Cooper, University of Washington, Seattle) contains movies of developing zebrafish embryos and still images using the confocal microscope.
Library of 3-D Molecular Structures (MathMol Library, NYU Scientific Visualization Center) contains images of carbon structures, biological molecules and drugs.
The MIT Biology Hypertextbook (M.I.T.) discusses most topic areas in cell and molecular biology and includes nice pictures and diagrams in each chapter.
Molecules - The Building Blocks of Everything (Indiana University Molecular Structure Center) contains 3-D images of a small collection of interesting molecules, including caffeine, cholesterol and buckyballs.
The Nanoworld Image Gallery (The University of Queensland)
Neuroscience for Kids (Dr. Eric H. Chudler, University of Washington) is an excellent resource that provides information to explore the nervous system, along with pictures and diagrams.
Online Biology Book (Dr. Michael J. Farabee, Estrella Mountain Community College) is an excellent collection of lectures from a freshman-level biology course that contains many images gathered from the Internet.
Online Service for Cell Biology (Institute for Scientific Film, Gottingen) presents an expanding collection of cell biology video clips (cell organelles, photosynthesis and chloroplasts) and 3-D models. English and German.
RasMol Home Page (Dr. Eric Martz, UMass Amherst) provides images and tools to explore molecular structure using the free molecular modelling programs, RasMol and Chime.
The Why Files - Cool Science Images has a small collection of images for health and biology in the Cool Images Archive.

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