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  Methods and Protocols
This section lists online resources for cell and molecular biology research protocols. Most of the web sites focus on particular research techniques.
     Web sites of reagent sources often supply specific protocols and technical information relevent to their products. In addition, many laboratory home pages include protocols used in the lab. You can find a particular lab using a search engine or browse through Current Research.
     An excellent new site, Protocol Online, collects and organizes many of the protocols that are available on the Web into a coherent database.
Antibodies: From Design to Assay is a comprehensive guide that discusses designing antigens, synthesizing peptides, immunization, purification and analysis of antibodies.
Carthew Lab Manual (University of Pittsburg) is a repository of Drosophila protocols, including somatic mosaic analysis, mutagenesis and immunostaining.
Cell Biology Laboratory Manual (Gustavus Adolphus College) is a comprehensive resource for basic cell biology methods, including cell fractionation, electrophoresis, microscopy, cell culture and differentiation experiments.
Comprehensive Protocol Collection (Ambros Lab, Dartmouth) is an extensive collection of general molecular biology protocols (RNA, DNA, protein methods) and C. elegans protocols.
DNA Sequencing Lab Protocols (Whitehead Institute/MIT Center for Genome Research) contains protocols for DNA purification and sequencing methods and M13 library construction from cosmids, BAC's or P1's.
ExPASy Molecular Biology Server (Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics) has a nice section for Technical information on 2-D PAGE.
Frequently Asked Questions from the bionet.molbio.methds-reagnts newsgroup is assembled by Paul Hengen.
Herskowitz Lab Protocols (UCSF) is a large collection of methods for S. cerevisiae genetics, cell biology and biochemistry.
Jorgensen Lab Protocol Database (University of Utah) contains general C. elegans procedures, molecular biology, microscopy and EM protocols.
Melbourne Signal Transduction Group Protocols (University of Melbourne) is an enormous collection of biochemistry, molecular biology and cell biology protocols from the Bowtell, Faulkner-Jones and Brennan labs.
Microscopy Methods (House Ear Institute, Los Angeles) provides information on light microscopy and transmission electron microcopy, including protocols for cryosectioning, immunocytochemistry and other specimen preparation techniques.
Mitchison Lab Protocols (Harvard) includes protocols for antibody preparation, general cytoskeletal techniques and Xenopus oocyte methods.
Molecular Biology Protocols (NWFSC) provides protocols for DNA purification, transformation and sequencing, PCR, electrophoresis and homology searches and has an active techniques forum.
Molecular Biology Techniques Manual (University of Cape Town) contains detailed descriptions and protocols for PCR, SDS-PAGE & Western blotting.
PCR Jump Station (Horizon Press) is a nicely organized collection of links to PCR resources.
Promega Technical Bulletins and Manuals is a huge compendium of molecular biology protocols, including information on enzymes, vectors, sequencing, purification and expression systems.
Protocol Online (DoubleTwist, Longcheng Li, UCSF) is an excellent new site that collects and organizes many of the protocols that are available on the Web into a useful, coherent database.
Recombinant DNA Technology Course (University of Minnesota) is a simple flowchart that summarizes basic molecular biology techniques.
Schimenti Lab Technical Protocols (The Joy of Cloning) includes, DNA and RNA techniques and mouse genotyping methods.
General Informational Resources
The Antibody Resource Page features an extensive compilation of antibody information and advice for locating specific antibodies.
Biocompare.com catalogues and compares biological research products in an easy and efficient database.
LabConsumer (The Scientist) presents updated information about biological methods, research tools and reagents.
REBASE (The Restriction Enzyme Database) presents tons of information (published and unpublished) on restriction enzymes and methylases.
Technical Information (FMC BioProducts) discusses agarose and agarose gels in extensive detail.
Vector DB (Anderson Unicom Group, Inc.) is an extensive database of vectors commonly used in molecular biology.

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