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  Current Research
The Current Research section highlights outstanding lab home pages that describe the ongoing research projects of particular labs and research groups.
     Most online lab home pages include research summaries, publications and email addresses of lab members. The outstanding lab sites provide a combination of protocols, relevant links, prepublished results, unpublished material, images and videos.
     I have also developed a list of Lab Home Page Collections .
Research Labs
Baldwin Laboratory Page (Stanford) The lab studies protein folding and protein secondary structure. The lab page includes a poster presentation, online manuals, tutorials and links.
Bargmann Lab Home Page (UCSF) The lab studies the development and function of olfactory neurons in C. elegans. The lab site features publications with abstracts, gene sequences, extensive links, worm quotations and cartoons.
The Brain Tumor Biology Laboratory - Bogler Lab (Medical College of VA) The lab studies the initiation and progression of astrocytomas. This complex lab site includes tumor biology information, protocols, links and tumor growth simulations.
The Borisy Lab Group (UW Madison) studies the mechanism of cell division, animal cell motility and cell form. The home page includes protocols, links, great images and movies.
Chazin Lab (Scripps Research Institute) studies the structure and function of calcium-binding proteins (CaBPs) using NMR and computational methods. The searchable site includes abstracts, supplementary information and an extensive CaBP data library.
Fred Cohen Laboratory (UCSF) studies protein folding and protein structure prediction using computer models. The lab site presents research descriptions, publications, software information, a picture gallery and lab member home pages.
Cooper Lab Home Page (Washington University, St. Louis) The lab studies the role and assembly of actin filaments, primarily in yeast. The home page provides protocols and a lot of unpublished research.
D. L. Crawford's Molecular Evolution Homepage (University of Missouri, Kansas City) The lab uses an evolutionary approach to investigate the molecular mechanisms regulating enzyme expression. The home page includes protocols and lecture notes.
Molecular Motors Group - Cross Lab (MCRI, UK) The lab studies the function of the molecular motor, kinesin. The home page includes research descriptions, protocols, links, micrographs and fun kinesin animations.
Darst Lab Home Page (Rockefeller University) The lab studies structural aspects of transcription in E. coli using electron microscopy, X-ray crystallography and biochemistry. The lab site includes research information, technical details, wonderful images and extensive links.
K.-F. Fischbach Drosophila Lab (University of Freiburg) studies brain development in D. melanogaster and is developing 3-D reconstructions of Drosophila brain structures. The lab page includes a searchable images database and an extensive link collection.
The Forsburg Lab Home Page (La Jolla, CA) The lab focuses on the control of DNA replication and the regulation of the cell cycle in S. pombe. The lab page provides excellent introductory and technical information about working with fission yeast.
The Gietz Lab Yeast Transformation Home Page (University of Manitoba)is a fun page that focuses on yeast transformation methods. Gottschling Lab Home Page (Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Seattle) The lab studies telomere replication and function in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. The home page includes publication abstracts, yeast and bacterial protocols, and links to S. cerevisiae resources and databases.
The Herskowitz Lab (UCSF) studies the life cycle of the yeast, S. cerevisiae, using genetics, biochemistry and molecular biology. The lab pages provide techniques and other valuable information for doing yeast genetics.
Klymkowsky Laboratory (UC Boulder) studies cell-matrix attachment molecules in Xenopus and intermediate filaments in rat. The lively home page features research descriptions, methods, publications, announcements, links and great images.
Kowalski Lab Home Page (Roswell Park Cancer Institute, Buffalo, NY) The lab studies the genetic components and the molecular mechanisms that activate DNA replication in yeast. The lab page has a nice collection of yeast links.
MacDonald Lab (Stanford) studies the molecular mechanisms of pattern formation in Drosophila. The lab site provides abstracts, links, construct information, images, and information on localized mRNAs.
The Meyerowitz Lab Home Page (Caltech) The lab studies development in the plant A. thaliana using genetic, molecular, and biochemical approaches. The home page includes protocols, extensive Arabidopsis links and a virtual tour.
Mitchison Lab Home Page (Harvard) The lab studies the role of the cytoskeleton in cell motility and cell division using several different organisms. The home page includes great research protocols and excellent pictures and movies.
A Pond In Seattle - Moon Lab (HHMI, University of Washington) The lab studies the role of secreted signaling factors during development in Xenopus and Zebrafish. The lab site features simulations, publications and detailed descriptions of research reagents.
Nolan Lab Homepage (Stanford) studies HIV transcriptional control and intracellular signaling pathways in the immune system. The lab site features research information, protocols, plasmid maps, retrovirus tutorials and cool graphics.
Piston Lab Home Page (Vanderbilt University) studies glucose metabolism in pancreatic beta cells using fluorescence imaging microscopy. The lab pages include additional project descriptions, technical information, publications, images and a movie.
The Tom Scanlon Group (UCSF) studies small molecule-protein interactions in both binding and catalysis with nuclear receptors, phosphotriesterase homology protein and catalytic antibodies. The home page has a cool amino acid animation.
The Schepartz Lab WWW Home Page (Yale University) The lab studies molecular recognition during viral and cellular gene regulation. The home page includes a biopolymer calculator.
Theory of Molecular Machines - Schneider Lab (NIH, NCI) The group uses information theory and computers to study control patterns in DNA and RNA. The colorful home page provides extensive information about molecular machines and molecular information theory.
Sedat Lab Home Page (UCSF) The Sedat Lab studies nuclear architecture and chromosome structure using three-dimensional microscopy. The lab page includes news features, great images and movies.
David Thomas Laboratory (Biotechnology Research Institute, Montreal, Canada) "Wine, bread and genetics." The lab studies pheromone signal transduction and calnexin in yeast and the Grb family of proteins. The home page provides nice diagrams.
Wadsworth's Wonderful Worms (UMDNJ, Rutgers) The lab studies developmental neurobiology and the extracellular matrix in the nematode C. elegans. The home page includes images, meeting abstracts, quizzes and cartoons.
Weigel Lab (Salk Institute) studies the regulation of flower development in Arabidopsis. The lab home page features detailed background information, abstracts, plasmid maps, links and a picture gallery.
Woodgett Lab (Ontario Cancer Institute) studies stress-activated signal transduction pathways. The lab site features lab protocols, a clickable image of MAPK pathways, a list of S. pombe kinases and a kinase quiz.
Yanofsky Lab (UCSD) studies the role of MADS-box genes during flower development in Arabidopsis. The site provides an overview of flower development, publication abstracts, contact information, links and a lab cartoon.
Michael Zucker's Home Page (Washington University, St. Louis) The lab develops computational methods to predict RNA secondary structure. The sophisticated home page includes publication abstracts, lectures, meetings, extensive RNA links and access to display software.
Research Program Home Pages
These groups and collaborations involve more than one principle investigator.
The BCM Search Launcher (Human Genome Center, Baylor College of Medicine) organizes online molecular biology search and analysis services and provides a single entry point for related searches.
Biology of the Mammary Gland (NIH, Bethesda, Maryland) presents information on gland development and breast cancer. The web site provides animal models, a histology atlas, research techniques and message boards.
The Cell Biology and Cytoskeleton Group (Brigham and Women's Hospital) researches a variety of projects involving the cytoskeleton and cell motility. The site includes project summaries, protocols and a nice link collection.
The Cereal Rust Laboratory (U.S. Department of Agriculture) studies the physiology, molecular biology and pathogenesis of rust fungi, which infects wheat, barley and oats. The site provides prepublications, images and additional resources.
Molecular Genetics Laboratory (University of Barcelona, Spain) studies gene expression during spermatogenesis. The lab site lists research activities and opportunities, teaching activities and seminars.

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